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"I think the currency of leadership is transparency" - Howard Schultz (Starbucks)

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For years, Nicky seemed to be revolving in a pattern of being hurt and spreading pain to those in her wake. Entering her 30s, she was left confused, alone, and seriously damaged by self-destructive behaviors.


She started running as a way to escape and avoid the feelings that accompanied the life she was leading. Embraced by the community, Nicky was inspired by the athletes around her. Her true values were exposed through running and by people who respected strength and didn't take advantage of weakness. 

As she began to recognize her worth, she became haunted by the past and tried to numb her feelings by drinking, restricting food, and even running. Anything to take her mind off underlying feelings of guilt and shame.

In 2019, her training for Boston wasn't going well and Nicky felt seriously depressed. Her relationship with running wasn't healthy at that point, but it was the only area in her life where she'd consistently shown discipline, and the community motivated her to be someone she could be proud of.


It was her love of the sport and determination to heal its dysfunctional aspects that ultimately transformed her life.

She stopped drinking every night, started journaling, and worked hard with the help of therapists to process past trauma, treat anxiety and depression, and an eating disorder she'd been concealing for years.

Nicky remembered how much she liked writing and began processing her emotions through poetry! She became passionate about self-expression and freeing herself from the expectations of others. By sharing these poems, she connected with another community and started to embrace who she was.

Finding a way to help others has always been important to Nicky, and she earned a degree in social work to learn how to become a resource for healing and growth. She read books, listened to podcasts, and vowed to be an example of what is possible with the right mindset. She learned that success is the pursuit of progress through honest effort.

Nicky believes all our experiences are worthy of sharing and that our purpose is to learn from each other. She interviews iconic runners, medical professionals, and mental health experts through her podcast. The value she brings to you is a product of very real experiences, a passion for learning from others, and her commitment to the community.

As your mentor, Nicky's mission is to inspire you to overcome self-doubt and evolve through running like so many who have courageously acted on the notion that Maybe Running Will Help.



  • Social Work B.A.

  • RRCA Certified Running Coach

  • 12+ years of running experience

    • 2:57 (Houston Marathon 2022)

    • 1:21 1st place overall (York half marathon 2021)

    • Top 5 in age group at the 2021 Chicago Marathon

    • Ranked in Age Group by the World Marathon Majors

  • Over 10 years of public speaking experience

  • Published Author