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Miles with Mozart

Classical music is not only good for your brain - improving creativity, memory, and cognition. It also has significant positive effects on your body. In the next few paragraphs, we are going to explore the benefits of classical music on our mind and body for improved performance and endurance.

If Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach are the only classical artists you know, SAME. And by know, I mean I’ve heard of them - not that I know who composed which concerto.

No matter. Music streaming platforms make it easy to find a percussional playlist perfect for any mood, activity, or intention so you don't have to be a symphonic savant to reap the benefits.

…but why should you bother boosting your beats with a few of Beethoven’s bangers?

First of all, classical music is beautiful. While a rhythmic groove and explicit lyrics might inspire us to “Get into It. Yuh.”, I wouldn’t call my usual playlist featuring artists like Eminem and Doja Cat “beautiful”.

Listening to classical music on a run feels like being in a movie. It’s like having a soundtrack rather than a running playlist. Classical music is proven to fire up the imagination helping transform the local loop into an inspiring landscape, and imperfect conditions (like rain and wind) into whimsical characters.

But if its fanciful charm doesn’t have you charged about Chopin, consider the effects it has on our perception of pain.

Numerous studies have found that music can provide pain relief but classical music may provide extra reprieve due to it’s ergogenic qualities.

Classical music has not only been shown to decrease cortisol levels and lower blood pressure but it improves exercise performance. The harmonies and rhythms of classical music provide a calming effect - delaying fatigue and increasing work capacity.

Finally, it’s different ...and variety in exercise keeps us energized and motivated! So why not mix it up? You might find that a little class helps you go a long way :)

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