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Permission to Chill

Guuuuuuyyyyys. If you're not doing this during the season, you are missing out on one of the primary benefits of training.

One of my favorite roles as a coach is reminding athletes to look at the workouts on the training calendar as permission to get out of their heads and into their bodies. We spend so much time exhausting ourselves with the challenges of everyday life - if we can see training as being allowed to put all of that down for an hour or so, it's a reason to look forward to the "workouts" as a mini-vacation from our problems.

And it's not just about exchanging one "hard" for another hard. I intentionally include rest days as a workout on the calendar because every day we deserve that time to escape! So whether it's an intense tempo session, easy run, or no run day, know that you are not only authorized to let go of everything else - I expect it.

Permission to chill, granted.

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