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Starting Lines Over Finish Times: The Power of Showing Up

In a world obsessed with the finish line, the glory of starting lines often gets overshadowed. There's a profound beauty in facing fears head-on, and it's time to make that our anthem. Whether you're standing at the starting line of a race or preparing to teach your first yoga class, the real victory lies in the courage to show up. In this blog, let's explore why embracing the starting lines over finish times can be a life-changing perspective.

The Fear-Facing Conundrum:

Fear, that elusive emotion we often try to avoid, is actually the key to unlocking the richness of life. Staring fear in the face is not always as glamorous as crossing a finish line, but damn if it isn't the secret sauce to a fulfilling journey. When we prioritize facing our fears over fixating on results, we open ourselves up to a world of growth, resilience, and unexpected joy.

The Starting Line Chronicles:

Picture this – the starting line of a race, a realm of nervous energy and anticipation. It's not just about the sprint towards the finish; it's about embracing the unknown, conquering doubts, and relishing the camaraderie with fellow participants. The same principle applies to the starting line of any new endeavor, like teaching your first yoga class. The act of showing up is a victory in itself, an acknowledgment that you are brave enough to try.

The Clock Isn't Everything:

In a culture that glorifies the ticking of the clock and measures success by numbers, it's time for a paradigm shift. Instead of asking, "How fast did you go?" or "What was the outcome?" let's start celebrating the act of being there. Whether you stumbled through your yoga poses or finished the race last, the mere fact that you showed up deserves applause. It's not about the destination; it's about relishing the journey.

Congratulate, Don't Evaluate:

Imagine a world where we replace critiques with congratulations. Instead of dissecting performances, let's acknowledge the courage it takes to step onto the stage. Whether it's a personal challenge or a public endeavor, showing up is half the battle won. Let's create an environment where support and encouragement take precedence over judgment.


So here's the mantra – show up, my friends, and know that it is enough. Embrace the starting lines with open arms, appreciate the beauty in facing fears, and let the finish times be a byproduct of a well-lived, fear-facing journey. It's time to rewrite the narrative, one starting line at a time, and celebrate the courage it takes to be present. After all, the real magic happens not at the finish line but in the courageous steps taken towards it.

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