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Meet NIcky

Hi! Thanks for checking out my website :)


I am an athlete and coach who is passionate about personal growth through sport. I love running, writing, and supporting all kinds of creativity and self-expression.


I have been a marathon runner for over a decade and have found my current years as a competitive female master's runner my favorite yet!

I help clients find or rediscover self-satisfaction through running and navigate their relationship with the sport as they grow.

I have a degree in social work and have always enjoyed learning about and helping others!

Oh! and I'm also a mom (of teenagers), wife, and entrepreneur. I understand busy schedules! I can help you manage training and life.

To work with me, please apply here. I would be honored to run with you. Let's do this!

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"I'm sure Nicky will be a successful running industry leader. I'm passing the baton. Take it and run."

Bart Yasso “The Mayor of Running”
Runner’s World’s Chief Running Officer


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