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Cultivating Contentment: My Intention for 2024

So, I first stumbled upon this whole "enoughness" thing while thinking about food. You know, being on the road to recovery from an eating disorder, it's pretty common for those reflections to start there. It's a real headspace, totally overwhelming, and probably seems downright strange to folks who haven't been through it. Anyway, let me get back on track...

Photo Credit: Roy Cox

When we talk about "enoughness" in relation to food, it's about finding satisfaction, but for me, it's become this deeper vibe. It's not about getting too comfy in life; it's more about embracing contentment and making sure that feeling is the real deal.

I'm trying to steer clear of the constant grind for more and, instead, aim to appreciate what's already around. It's not about just sitting back – it's about taking purposeful action with a touch of grace, you know? Facing each outcome with a chill, serene response.

I've been on both sides of the fence – holding back and going all in – and holding onto this "enoughness" thing feels like I'm leveling up in personal growth. It's surprising how it plays out every day, making me see the value of doing what I can and then just letting things roll as they may. Trusting that my efforts, mixed with a good dose of acceptance, add up to a more balanced and satisfying life.

Whether I'm talking about running or just keeping myself in check, it's all about letting things unfold naturally. Each step is the destination, you know? Got this idea from yoga – they say "every pose is the destination." It's cool because it takes the pressure off results and gives us more moments to soak in.

This whole vibe might not work for everyone, I get it. Some folks need to keep pushing and fighting for more, and there was a time when that kind of attitude served me well. So, if all this sounds like "easy for me to say" or "must be nice," I get where you're coming from. Been through those times when I needed more from myself, and it pushed me to achieve some stuff I'm proud of. But lately, my pursuit of more hasn't been hitting the jackpot, leading me to a bit of a plateau that's asking for some soul-searching. It's a season in my life to be appreciative - to soak in that feeling of satisfaction.

So, 2024, it's my year of contentment. I'm throwing in the towel to everything that is and spreading this vibe of "enoughness" with some serious gratitude.

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