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From Sub-3 Marathons to Happy Running: A Boston Training Revelation

So, I started training for the Boston Marathon with this big dream of hitting a slick 2:55 PR. But guess what? Life had other plans, and now, my running mindset has gone through a serious makeover. Let me spill the beans on how I went from chasing seconds on the clock to just enjoying the heck out of my runs.

A Shift in Gears:

Somewhere down the training road, I lost my mojo to grind it out for a specific time goal. Couldn't find the energy to care, you know? That's when I decided to flip the script. Instead of stressing about a time goal, I thought, "Why not let the goal chill out a bit and match my laid-back vibe?"

Boston Marathon:

New Vibes, New Goals: So, Boston's the big stage, right? Instead of obsessing over a PR, I've decided to make this run about the whole shebang. I'm talking soaking in the buzz of the crowd, giving high-fives to fellow runners, and soaking up the awesome vibes of the city that's been my running sidekick.

Gratitude Run:

This marathon isn't just about me clocking a personal best. Nope. It's about gratitude and running for the sheer joy of it. I'm ditching the pressure and running with a big ol' smile, appreciating the fact that I get to be part of this legendary event. Let's call it a run of thanks and high-fives.

Closing Thoughts:

So, as I gear up for the Boston Marathon, my focus has shifted from being all serious about beating my own time to just enjoying the heck out of every step. This change in mindset has helped me appreciate the journey, connect with my running buddies, and just be thankful for all the cool stuff running brings into my life. Boston ain't just a race; it's a celebration of running, good vibes, and being part of something epic. See you on the course! 🏃‍♂️✨

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