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How to Navigate Rest Day and Avoid Getting Lost in The "Weirds"

If you’re reading this, welcome to the crazy club. And I mean that with respect…but tbh you probably weren’t even offended because being called crazy is a runner’s favorite compliment. Even if you are one of the somewhat sane ones.

runner on rest day
rest day "weirds"

For a uniquely unhinged runner, “rest day”, is the most anticipated and at the same time anxiety inducing day of the week. Which makes it weird. And besides being weird, it is unpredictable and unfamiliar which is not great for people who thrive on routine.

At this point, if you’re not with me - good! You may be able to embrace rest day and while you’re still crazy AF, you’re stable. I love that for you.

For everyone else, read on.

Today is a rest day for me and I woke up tempted to do what I do every other day. I started to shuffle to the kitchen, grab a cup of coffee and eat (a small simple carb). Then it occurred to me. STOP! This is the first step in getting stuck in the "weirds" of the day.

Starting a rest day the same way you start every other day is a fantastic way to kick off the 24 hour doldrums.

Because once you get to the part of the day where you’d normally run to really start your day, you’ve hit a roadblock. And while most roadblocks are accompanied by a detour chances are you didn’t plan to get derailed and now you have to wander around the rest of the day waiting for your GPS to connect.

In other words, you feel lost and scared by the threat of an unproductive day. At least that’s how I end up in a funk on some rest days!

If this sounds like you too, below are my 3 simple tips for taking control of rest day and feeling productive along the way:

  1. Wake up, shower and get dressed.

  2. Make a plan.

  3. Take action.

Keep it simple, do less with intent and remember that navigating is always easier when you reduce the risk of rerouting.

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