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Understanding My Emotional Barometer: A Mental Checklist for Self-Reflection

Check out my simple checklist for maintaining balance and self-awareness! While it might not be groundbreaking, it’s been a game-changer for me. Inspired by the HALT acronym (Am I feeling Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired?) from recovery programs, I’ve tailored it to suit my needs.

The secret to lasting recovery and overall contentment lies in self-care and self-awareness. So, get curious: what other factors impact your self-destructive behaviors?

For fellow runners, skipping a run or feeling unsatisfied with one can trigger mood disruptions. It’s all about pinpointing the culprit and taking action or reframing those unhelpful thoughts!  #SelfCare #SelfAwareness #MindfulLiving

Feeling overwhelmed or down can sometimes catch us off guard, but over time, I've developed a mental checklist to help me navigate those moments before they escalate into full-blown freakouts. Here's an expanded look into my self-reflection process:

  • Am I Hungry? It may sound simple, but hunger can be a sneaky culprit behind my mood swings. I've learned that keeping my body nourished helps maintain my emotional balance. So, before diving into a pool of negativity, I first check if my stomach is growling for attention.

  • I'm Tired. While not always the primary cause, fatigue can still play a role in how I feel. Even when I think I've had enough sleep, sometimes a lack of rest can sneak up on me. So, I consider whether my energy levels might be contributing to my emotional state.

  • Am I Getting My Period? Ah, the monthly visitor. For many of us, it's a rollercoaster of emotions. About ten days prior, I've come to expect the familiar signs of irritability, sadness, and moodiness. Understanding this hormonal influence has helped me approach these feelings with more patience and understanding.

  • Am I Bored? Boredom can often masquerade as discontent or restlessness. When I find myself feeling off, I take a moment to assess whether boredom might be at play. Sometimes, a simple change of scenery or engaging in a new activity can shift my perspective and uplift my mood.

  • What Am I Thinking About? Sometimes, the root of my distress lies in my thoughts. I've learned to pause and assess whether my feelings are valid or if they stem from an overactive imagination. This step allows me to differentiate between what's worth dwelling on and what's best left behind.

By regularly running through this comprehensive checklist, I've gained a deeper understanding of my emotional barometer. It's not about avoiding negative emotions altogether but rather about approaching them with self-awareness and a proactive mindset. Whether it's addressing hunger, fatigue, hormonal fluctuations, boredom, or challenging thoughts, this checklist has become my compass for navigating life's ups and downs.

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